At the Grace Place Preschool, we provide a secure facility and loving environment for your child. All of the staff are trained in CPR and First Aid. Every year, we attend additional training hours and workshops to keep up with the latest educational information.

Director:  Deborah DeMarco


Deborah DeMarco- Mentor-3 year old class
Taylor Desmarais- 3 year old class
Robin Martin- 4 year old class

Donna Yates-Chapel Time/VBS Coordinator

 Aides:Dawn Heinrich - 4 year old class 
Diana Antolik- 3 year old class 

Deborah DeMarco is the Director of the Grace Place, and she is the Mentor in the 3 year old class. She lives in Mullica Township with her husband and three children. Deborah earned a Bachelor's degree in both Early Childhood Education and Psychology. She earned her New Jersey Preschool Director's Certification in 2006. Deborah is currently completing her Master's degree in Child Advocacy & Policy. Miss Debbie has been working in the education field for over twenty years, taught CCD at her church for fifteen years, and she worked as a teacher in a preschool classroom for twelve years. Miss Debbie is actively involved with JDRF and helping to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

Taylor Desmarais is the Group Teacher in the 3 year old class. Miss Taylor has been a huge part of the teaching process with the students. Miss Taylor earned her Bachelor's degree at Monmouth University and has worked with young children for several years in a music and vocal program. We are thrilled to have Miss Taylor involved in our music enrichment special and singing at our holiday programs. She had done a fabulous job adding her special talents to our preschool program. 

Robin Martin is the 4 year old teacher at the Grace Place Preschool. She lives in Shamong with her husband and four children. Robin earned her Bachelor's degree at the Messiah College, and she majored in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading and Writing. Miss Robin is a certified teacher and has taught at the Medford School for ten years before having her children. Miss Robin will bring a tremendous amount of teaching experience, kindergarten preparation, and creative learning to the Grace Place Preschool.

Donna Yates or "Miss Donna," spends her Tuesday mornings at the Grace Place teaching the children all about Bible stories. The children look forward to attending Chapel Time and listening to an interactive story. Each week, Miss Donna uses puppets, games, songs, and other fun props to engage the children. Pastor Jones also joins us at Chapel Time and says an "Echo Prayer" with the children. The Grace Place is a non-denominational preschool, and all religions are welcome. The purpose of Chapel Time is to teach the children to be kind to others. Miss Donna also runs the VBS for the Lord of Life. All children from the Grace Place and community are welcome to attend!

Dawn Heinrich joined the Grace Place in 2012 after both of her children went through the preschool program.  She is the assistant in the 4 year old class with Miss Robin. Dawn lives in Shamong with her husband and two children. She is also a member of the Lord of Life Lutheran Church and is a troop leader for the Girl Scouts. Miss Dawn's love of working with the children shines through every day.

Diana Antolik joined the Grace Place in 2018. She is the new assistant in our three-year-old classroom. Miss Diana has her certification as a teacher, and she will bring many new ideas to our program. Miss Diana's two daughters are students at the preschool. We look forward to all of the wonderful activities that she will add to the Grace Place.